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  • Case study:CHMT48VB, why the screen did not power on, rebooting problems

Although, different people has different quetions, from today, Robotdigg will listed some of users' questions in Robotdogg forum so that others can know more about the machine. And welcome to share your questions in this Forum on public, and RobotDogg will follow up each questions with an final solution.

User B Questions:

The first time I powered it up, it acted usual.2nd time, the screen did not power onI left it unplugged for several hoursThen powered it on and left it on. Screen finally turned on 10 minutes later

Date and time were reset and that error message came up

this video shows the current state of the machinewhen I first received it, I was able to calibrate the home position. i then set the time and date to my local timethen i powered it offwhen i came back to it 2 hours later, the touch screen would not come on. i tried several times.i then unplugged the machine and left it for a couple hours before plugging it back inagain when i powered the machine on, the touchscreen did not come oni left the machine on and after 5-10 minutes, the screen came on showing the boot screenthat is when i got the error about a missing license file, etc.

RobotDogg Answer:

It may be because of the line in screen loosened during transfortation, if opened the screen fastening the line, the screen may be fine

User B answers:i adjusted some cables and have not had it reboot.