1.  One part of the spec says, "9) Able to mount 0402..." but another part says, "Able to mount 0201,0402..."  Can the machine mount 0201s?

Answer:0402 is perfect. 0201 you'd better try CHMT560P4 which is pneumatic feeder and more precise.

Spec says, "Feeders: 29 Feeders."  I have 300 part numbers on my prototype.  Can we buy extra feeder assemblies?  I want to load 1 feeder assembly with 29 part numbers.  Have the CHMT36 pick and place those parts from that feeder assembly.  Then I want to remove that feeder assembly and put on another feeder assembly with 29 different part numbers... etc.

Answer:The feeding system on CHMT36, CHMT36VA, CHMT48VA or CHMT48VB are Not traditional but belt receiving system. It can Not load much more feeders.