Kapton Etched Foil Heater

Fast Responding, Low Profile, Low Outgassing

With its low-profile and adaptable configuration, Fullchance’s Kapton (Polyimide) etched foil heater Assembly constitutes the perfect heating solution across a wide variety of industries. It provides excellent heat transfer to adjoining surfaces with the release of minimal contaminants through the use of Kapton. Furthermore, the proprietary Fullchance cement used to bond the heater and ceramic insulator meets NASA’s low outgassing specification, making this heater assembly ideal for use in vacuum applications. Unlike many Kapton etched foil heating assemblies of its class, Fullchance’s Kapton etched foil heater assembly can achieve greater operating temperatures. Its maximum operating temperature at 232°C is 30°C greater than other competing heaters making it optimal for high temperature applications.


  • Customizable dimensions and features.
  • Optional Embedded Thermocouple(s) and/or RTD(s).
  • Low Profile.
  • Max Operating Temp: 232°C.
  • Vacuum Compatible up to 10-6 Torr.
  • Recommended Ramp/Cooling Rate: 100°C/Hour.
  • 2x laser welded junctions.
  • Standard Kapton heater comes in 120V, 10WSI (other options available).
  • Fullchance proprietary cement meets NASA ASTM E595 low outgassing spec.
  • 32 Ra on alumina insulator.

Moreover, greater temperature control can be achieved by pairing this simple heater assembly design with thermocouples and RTDs. No additions are off-limit. Trust Fullchance Engineers to provide you with the best heating solution design for your most difficult applications.