Where can I locate instructions  (English preferred) , for the Syringe (SM-X2001A-3A-OL) ?

This is the stepper motor with a screw drive and controller attached to the motor end.

It has a pot, silver button (Set) and black button (OK) with two digit RED LED display.

This has 3 pushbuttons wired in.

Presently the unit displays 03 sometimes and the yellow sets the direction, blue is speed hi/Low , and red makes it run a preset number of steps when pushbutton is released , then it stops.

This unit is open loop with no switch limits.

I just want it to run when I press the red button until I release the red PB .

I dont want it to stop after a certain number of steps.  Later I may take better advantage of the capabilities.

Please help, this is worthless to me without instructions and I haven't yet received any response from the factory on this.